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  • Crataegus monogyana bonsai - The big wood stump 2017 January +

    Crataegus monogyana bonsai - The big wood stump 2017 January I collected this tree in 2011. Above on the picture you can see the tree in 2012, and now. In 2013 I started to form Read More
  • black cherry - Prunus serotina - its own tanuki +

    black cherry - Prunus serotina - its own tanuki I collected this wild black cherry in the last year (03.2015). Now, it was just cut as well as the leaves. The plant was growing Read More
  • Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet' +

    Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet' It is quiet hard to find a Crataegus with a nice nebary, but I was lucky with this one. It was growing on a sandy Read More
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  • Cornus-1.- The tree which is full of blemish

    Cornus-1.- The tree which is full of blemish

    I find this tree 8 years ago, 200 metre from our home. I walk next to it for 5 years before I have seen it. It was stuck Read More
  • Quercus ilex / Holly oak

    Quercus ilex / Holly oak

    This is one of my first trees. I found it with a few of his friends at the Spring of 2011 in Devon county England, where this species Read More
  • Carpinus, Hornbeam - Nick name: Fen

    Carpinus, Hornbeam - Nick name: Fen

    This hornbeam came to me in May 2014, I bought it from Rinzai Bonsai. There is no hornbeam around where i live, and we wasn't going for yamadori Read More
  • Tilia-cordata - Lime tree - Anti

    Tilia-cordata - Lime tree - Anti

    This article is about the development of Antis Lime tree. He find it in 2011 in a forest. It had a very interesting trunk, more Lime was growing Read More
  • Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet'

    Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet'

    It is quiet hard to find a Crataegus with a nice nebary, but I was lucky with this one. It was growing on a sandy soil where was Read More
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Thursday, 11 February 2016 06:20

Juniperus - Juniperus of Geri

I found this Juniper in 2009 in my friend's garden, but it was too precious for them so i wouldn't even wanted to mention to dig it up, but they started to renovate the house a year later, so I took my chances and saved this trees and I wanted to create a bonsai from it.

Very soon I realised that is not that simple then I thought, so I rested the project for a few years till I met the Juniperus Bonsai club. The result is on the second and third pictures.
I was looking at it many time, but I still didn't know that where I'm going with it. Than the time arrived, when I could take it to our Master, who helped to give it its right look, which is the look at the present moment. The bottom two jins, which you can see on the fist pictures, I find quite pretty, I cutted off what I'm regretting now, but my father find it very disturbing.
Unfortunately I cannot find the pictures from earlier, but sure you can see the mean in it.

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 18:01

Juniperus squamata Blue Star - Jozsi's tree

Here is a few pictures of a man's Juniper, who's living in a City block, where normally, you would say, no chance to keep bonsai, but he is a "Can do it" man, so let me show you, József and his lovely Juniper which he bought in a garden center.

Before - After (first and the second picture)

Ready for a public transport - Mobile tokonama Józsi does not drive, this how he trasport his bonsai.

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 19:19

Juniperus procumbens - Himalayan juniper - Tanuki

I found this few hundred years old dead trunk in 2010, inside was putrid. It wasn't a too promising pieces at first sight, but it had a nice root flare, and it had a lot of creased part. After a long day of carving, it started showing it self. I was hollowed the sawed snags then burned it and finally whitened it with lime-sulfur. On the following picture, you can see the development of the dead part:


Only left to do is to find a favorable ridge, where I can adjust the living part, which I only find on the back, where I planted the juniper. On tanuki it if preferable if the living part is visible strait from the root flare. It needed two years for the juniper to reach the needed hight, since then I building up the foliage. It is four years old now. A tanuki, in the right circumstances, reaching maturity after about 10  years. On the following images I showing the implantation and the first two styling:

Sunday, 24 January 2016 12:03

Yew - Taxus baccata - nickname: Balázs

I collected this tree with two another in 2012 from my friends garden, but only that one survived. At first a planted in the ground, I only put in pot in 2014, because too many ants attacked his roots in the ground.

Taxus baccata bonsai 1
Tiszafa bonsai
In 2015 the tree was came to be strong enough, so I took it to Hosszúhetény to the workshop and the work began:

Taxus baccata bonsai 2

With the Master guidance, I carved the unnecessary branches, cut back the new shoots, and wired them. Then came the final adjustments, and the tree is came to be as I was imagined it. Thanks again for Master Josef for his guidance, and Richi for the wiring.

I know he is still young, but this yew is one of the most beautiful tree in my garden.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 18:36

Pinus nigra 1.

I found it in abandoned stone mine, where only 2-3 meter high Black pines were. The black pine is starting very badly after transplantation, and it is poorly tolerating if we cut more than a half of the foliage, so I keep coming back to the tree to prepare it, so I don't have to cut when I'm transplanting it. On the first picture you can see when the tree just potted (beginning of May) For the next years august is came to be strong enough to style it. The second picture was taken before the first styling and the third picture was taken after, as it look right now. And in the next about ten years of work is going for thickening the foliage and create short needles. You'll find further information about pine elaboration in the "Using Techniques" heading.

{gallery}Pinus nigra1. feketefenyo1.{/gallery}



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